What is Boulderock?

Aside from the pop and jazz sessions, I have created an outlet for diverse music that sits to the side of genres, listening in. While mainly created for my own pleasure, I hope the sound appeals to anyone with thirsty ears.

Take a listen and if you find an element that could work for your music, let me know.

The Noid (Mark Neary) & Boulderock (me) road test a range of instruments and techniques.

What's in a name?

BouldeRock came from a place by the Ocean…

Whilst touring with Billy Ocean I was working on an album of steppers reggae tunes for my own enjoyment. We had many nights of hilarious sound clashes after gigs and I ended up playing a few tunes. Billy and the band were tickled that I would go to such lengths to win the sound clash which then got me dubbed (see what I did there) "BouldeRock"!

Powers of Ten - Part One is a ten track solo percussion album.