Musical Styles

I specialise in Drums and Percussion for pop music but also work across genres from Classical, Latin, and Jazz to all types of World music - anything that needs a heartbeat or a soundscape.

I have been doing remote session work for over 25 years since I built my first home studio. For the most part I use a very simple set up which is currently:

  • Mac Book Pro or iMac
  • Logic X
  • Focuserite Clarett+ 8Pre Thunderbolt

Session Percussionist

I am endorsed by Gon Bops Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, Vic Firth Sticks, Hardcase Cases, and Protection Racket Cases. I also use Gretsch Drums, Valter Percussion and Season Percussion.

I've an overwhelming collecion of instruments. Here’s an outline, and if you want to nerd out on the details get in touch!

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Process, not processed

My process, on hearing a track, is to usually tune in to any guide rhythm tracks first. Vocals are key to unlocking the melody, sentiment, and mood, but I also listen for guitar or piano rhythm as I can weave percussion between to compliment or contrast those frequencies. While the right sound can be enhanced by the recording space and mixing, my experience gives me confidence to trust my gut and cut quickly.

I love the challenge of trying to answer what the music needs! I still find recording together in a studio a magical time but remote recording can be just as productive, and even with limited technology, we can all produce great results.

Miles and I have worked on so many projects together over at least 20 years, I never think further than Miles when recording percussion and he has also recorded drums many times for me that always sound great! Miles has that extra dimension to his talent, that is he instinctively knows what works for a record.

He also has an amazing studio set up with a mic collection that puts many professional studios to shame. The confidence that gives you when sending him stems to overdub on is great.

Hire this man -
you won’t regret it.

Jonathan Quarmby, Producer, programmer, mixer, string & orchestral arranger, pianist and guitarist

In a quest to find someone to give a Latin feel to a partly recorded song, I was recommended to try Miles Bould. He gave me everything I wanted and more! We still had the Pop feel I didn’t want to lose and gained a cool Latin vibe too. And what a fun session!

I have worked with Miles for many years - he's my go to guy as a percussionist it doesn't get any better. I totally trust him I never give him any direction he just knows what's needed.